Ancient Healing Salts


Ancient Healing Bath Salts

Our skin – think of it as our body’s gatekeeper – it is our largest living cell.  Our skin has the ability to absorb and release toxins.  Carefully consider what you put on your skin.

These Ancient Baths Salts and Essential Oils will detox your body.  Sweating in a hot bath is a most excellent way for your body to release toxins.  Be sure to drink lots of water before, during and after bathing.

Rubbing down with a whole pure oil before and after soaking will restore your skin. Use oils such as:  sunflower, caster, coconut, olive, sesame, lard, almond or hemp.

Energize and Rejuvenate Ingredients:  Epson Salt, Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt and Essential Oils of:  Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

Relax and Restore Ingredients:  Epson Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt and Essential Oils of Lavender and Cedarwood.

Quantity:  Two 8 ounces packages - One each Energize and Rejuvenate and One Relax and Restore

Suggested Amount:  2 ounces per bath (more is ok too)  ENJOY!