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  • Grandpa's Special Spice

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    This is an old recipe of Kim's father.  He orginally called it 'Tommy's Famous All-Purpose Creole Seasoning'.  When Abigail Faith (Kim's daughter) decided she did not like eggs anymore...Grandpa said, "I will make you eggs to die for with my special spice".  Ever since that day...Abigail loves her eggs and Grandpa's Spice has a new name!

    Grandpa's Special Spice is great on pork, beef, eggs, etc.  We also love it in our sausage gravy.  Shake it on or use as a rub.

    Ingredients:  Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, New Mexico Chili Powder

    6 oz. Shaker and 15 oz. Refill/Bulk Rub