Lovely Lard - Pint


Lovely Lard is produced with an old fashion vat rendering at my butcher's using only my pastured Berkshire and Gloucestershire Old Spot leaf and back fat.

Lovely Lard makes everything better:  pie crust, biscuits, frying, etc.


When compared with olive oil, lard is a close second in the monounsaturated fat department! Olive oil has about 77% monounsaturated fat, with lard at 48% monounsaturated fat. Butter ranks third with 30% monounsaturated fat and coconut oil is last at 6%. The main fat in lard (oleic acid) is a fatty acid associated with decreased risk of depression. Those same monounsaturated fats, are responsible for lowering LDL levels while leaving HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels alone.

Lard also contains high amounts of Vitamin D, a necessary fat-soluble vitamin. It is estimated that 1 tablespoon of lard contains 1000 IU of Vitamin D!